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The ethos of Soteria Bradford is simply to support others in learning how to live and enjoy life again when experiencing voices, visions or unusual beliefs (that thing some people call ‘psychosis’) This experience is not conceptualised as a disease to be cured, but as a complex, meaningful human experience that needs acceptance and support.




From the onset, the house promotes courage, independence, hope and self worth to start living life again

The original Soteria House adopted an ‘existential phenomenological’ method which means:

'The importance of understandiing the actual experience of psychosis from the point of view of the person experiencing it.'




Living Lives

Soteria Bradford does not start with the assumption of ‘a problem’. Instead we talk and listen to how we have learned to make sense of the psychosis and possible voice hearing experiences and use these relationships to create new ways of seeing, thinking and doing.

Following a local conference in Saltaire, Bradford in 2009, the Soteria Bradford group formed. The aim was to open a Soteria House and to raise £25,000.00 to run the house for one year and originally support 1 person in crisis to see if we could make a difference. The house opened in 2015 and ran for 10 months as a pilot and 2 people and their families were supported successfully. We are currently seeking volunteers and continue to fundraise to open another house in 2018. 

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